About us

West Coast Surfschool was founded in 2005 by Nuno, because he wanted to share the love of surfing with as many people as possible. Over the years the school has grown, with many teachers and many happy students! 

How we work

Besides fun, improvement and sharing the stoke, it’s essential to create safe lessons for each and every student. That’s why these are some of our key factors in our lessons to have fun and maintain safety:

  • According to the law, the maximum amount of students per teacher is 7. We personalize our lessons by only teaching 5 students per surf coach. So we can teach our best and help you out with personalized advice. 
  • If you join our classes, we will drive all together from our surf school in the centre to the surf spot. Boards, wetsuits, and shoes are provided by us. 
  • After a warming up and some explanation about the conditions, techniques, and some practice on the sand, we’re ready to go!




Surf lessons for different levels

We’re here to share our passion for surfing, for different levels. Below you’ll find a few differences between our beginner and intermediate classes:

  • A beginner is someone who is surfing for the first time, or who has surfed before a while ago.  The goal of a beginner lesson is to catch a lot of waves, to practice a consistent pop-up and to start to make turns left and right. 
  • An intermediate student is someone who can surf independent, so the student can catch waves, turn left and right, and paddle to the line-up. 



Where do we surf?

We surf in various surf spots in the World Surf Reserve Ericeira: 

  • Praia do Matadouro: This is one of our most common surf spots for beginner lessons. 
  • Praia da Empa: This spot is close to Matadouro where we teach intermediates, who can paddle out by themselves. 
  • São Julião: Even on the smallest days, there is some swell. It’s located 5 km South of Ericeira. 
  • Praia do Sul: This spot is close to the centre and very close to our surfschool. This spot is great when the swell is a bit bigger.